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For 2 – 6 players
Escape Rate: 58%
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2 – 6 Players

Area 51 is just the tip of the iceberg. While the public focuses on the mysteries kept there, the government is free to operate unchecked in Area 52, the true secret base. Whispers have long circulated in the shadowy parts of the web that extraterrestrials are being are kept in an undisclosed location somewhere in Mt Pleasant and are subjected to twisted experiments. But for what purpose? Could the keepers of Area 52 really be developing some advanced genetic technology using alien DNA?

While you and your friends were looking for evidence of the extraterrestrial kind, you found what appeared to be an empty military warehouse with an unlocked door and snuck your way in! What you found was unbelievable; evidence of alien technology. Unlucky for you, as soon as you entered, the security system sealed the door behind you. Will you be clever enough to discover the DNA, defeat the security system and escape in less than 60 minutes? Or will you wind up in a military cell when you’re discovered?

Escape Rate: 58%

(Has challenging puzzles)