Meowy Christmas

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For 2 – 6 players
Escape Rate: 92%
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2 – 6 Players

T’was the night before Catsmas and all through the house,

all the kittens were dreaming of chasing a cute little mouse.


Grammy Spencer was dozing all snug in her chair,

while the grandkids were cozied up with nary a care.


When out on their lawn there arose such a clatter,

Grammy Spencer sprung up to see what was the matter.


Glancing out the window she felt her heart crash,

as she watched mean neighbor Jim enter his house in a dash.


Scrambling all around the room she looked everywhere,

counting kitten after kitten, Whew! they all seemed there.


OH No! she exclaimed with such fright,

Did mean neighbor Jim take Mama Kitty this cold winter’s night?


She awakened the troops, all in for the search.

All the grandkids were pulled one-by-one from their perch.


Mama Kitty is missing, I really do fear!

The kittens are scared it is very clear.


“Let’s get going my dears,” said Grammy, “as we only have an hour,

Before Mamma Kitty’s milk will turn sour!


Escape Rate: 92%