The Dragon’s Dungeon

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For 2 – 8 players
Escape Rate: 48%
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2 – 8 Players

While gathering at the local tavern, your group of experienced warriors decide to embark on a quest to get the dragon’s treasure.

As you arrive at the entrance, a magical trap is activated stealing your special weapons and magical artifacts scattering them about in different parts of the dungeon. What’s even worse, is that the spell also sealed the exit, making it impossible to retreat unless you can find and activate the “Dragon key”. Your only chance of escape is to venture into the dungeon, retrieve your magical items, overcome the obstacles and defeat the dragon by using its key.  

You must make haste, because in an hour, the dragon is going to fully awaken and it hasn’t eaten in a while.

Are YOU up for the adventure?

 NOTE: Not recommended for persons with sensitivity to flashing lights or smoke or for children 11 years and younger.