The Sweet Escape

From: $25.00

For 2 – 6 players
Escape Rate: 72%
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2 – 6 Players

Every Summer, your family and friends plan a vacation in a different state. This year, you’re visiting a town called “Big Rock Candy Mountain”. Millions of people visit this town just to see Sugar Falls.

After arriving at your cabin, you and your friends head into the town square to checkout Bubble Gum Bend, Twizzler Street, Cotton Candy Canyon and Chocolate Mountain.

Out of nowhere, you see a very bad storm heading your way. As you take cover in an unlocked candy shop, the wind blows the door shut locking you in. You can hear a public service announcement telling everyone to leave the area at once for their own safety as the storm is very powerful. Lucky for you, the shop owner left clues around the store to help locate the security code that unlocks the door.

The storm is coming!  Are you clever enough to solve the clues and escape?

Escape rate: 72%